Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Treatment

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Autor: Prof. Dr. Christian Manegold, Department of Surgery/Interdisciplinary Thoracic Oncology, University Medical Center Mannheim

Weitere Infos: UNI-MED Science, 3rd edition 2013, 192 pp, 93 illustrations

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ePDF Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Treatment
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The present monograph seeks to draw attention to the latest development in the medical treatment of advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC). Our increased understanding of the molecular biology and the changing in epidemiology of lung cancer has opened up avenues for treatment. Surgical and radiation techniques have been refined, the availability of new anti-neoplastic agents has led to treatment optimization and individualization, adjuvant chemotherapy and concurrent chemo-radiation have become treatment standards. Separate chapters are devoted to the issues of tumor prevention, the new TNM classification, and the essential role of clinical studies.
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