Reversal of Anticoagulants

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Autor: Jan Beyer-Westendorf, Kings Thrombosis Service, Department of Hematology, Kings College London

Weitere Infos: UNI-MED Science, 1st edition 2018, 80 pp,

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ePDF Reversal of Anticoagulants
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Millions of patients worldwide are treated with anticoagulant therapy and physicians can choose among a variety of oral and parenteral anticoagulants which makes reversal strategies in emergency situations a challenge. This textbook will offer detailed insights into the pharmacological concepts of anticoagulation reversal. It provides a short overview on the physiology of the blood coagulation system and reviews the impact of anticoagulants and bleeding on the coagulation system in humans. Furthermore, the pharmacological profile and mode of action will be carefully reviewed, separately for all classes of oral or parenteral anticoagulants. Moreover, the incidence and severity of bleeding emergencies during anticoagulant therapy and the interpretation of laboratory values in the setting of anticoagulation-related bleeding will be discussed. Finally, detailed recommendations for reversal strategies will be provided, depending on the underlying individual situation.
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