Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) and Sensor-Augmented Pump Therapy (SAP)

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Autor: Dr. Thorsten Siegmund, Dr. Ralf Kolassa, Dr. Andreas Thomas

Weitere Infos: UNI-MED Science, 1st edition 2012, 144 pp, 121 illustrations

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ePDF Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) and Sensor-Augmented Pump Therapy (SAP)
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Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) describes the glucose profile between blood glucose measurements undertaken at specific times and thus represents the perfect symbiosis with conventional blood glucose measurement. In the context of diagnostic investigation, it has resulted in a surprising extension of the picture on the treatment of diabetes. Beyond this context of diagnostic application, the continuous display of the current glucose level makes possible subtle regulation of insulin therapy, especially insulin pump therapy. Several clinical studies have provided significant proof of the advantage of Sensor-Augmented Pump Therapy (SAP). The focus of this book is the new dimension of "glucose dynamics". The discussion begins with the technological bases of CGM and SAP, it encompasses relevant scientific data/studies and extends to the clinical application. Practical examples and the interpretation of glucose curves ensure that the material is relevant to clinical practice. The authors of this book have an extensive wealth of knowledge and experience with CGM and SAP. With this book, they have for the first time compiled a practical monograph on this subject area, one that is not yet present in the literature. The book is a "must" on a highly relevant current and future aspect of diabetology.
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