Basics and modern practice of nasal high-flow therapy

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Autor: Jens Bräunlich, Department of Respiratory Medicine, University of Leipzig

Weitere Infos: UNI-MED Science, 1st edition 2019, 95 pp, 40 illustrations

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ePDF Basics and modern practice of nasal high-flow therapy
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Nasal high-flow therapy (NHF) is an emerging respiratory therapy that has been gaining traction in acute care settings throughout the world. Critically eyed at the beginning, the benefit of NHF therapy has been demonstrated in clinical practice. The unbroken and burst enthusiasm for NHF has resulted in a rapid growing research activity. As with any emerging technology, what is currently known is dwarfed by what is unknown. Authors from the very start have provided their expertise and helped to develop this textbook, which for the first time summarizes the knowledge of the NHF technology, mechanisms and applications. This book aims to contribute to a faster understanding and acceptance of the NHF and to stimulate all colleagues, researchers and interested parties. It contains essential information on technical aspects and mechanisms of action as well as clinical applications like use in children, for hypoxemic respiratory failure, post extubation respiratory failure, hypercapnic respiratory failure and other specific conditions. This NHF volume should prove useful to pulmonary and critical care specialists as well as trainees, respiratory nurses and therapists, pharmacologists and physiotherapists.
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